Techno House Music

Techno, electronic dance music originated in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980’s and gained popularity globally in the 1990’s. Techno is said to be the result of middle-class African- American;s fascination of European electronic music and dancing. Techno music is often compared to Chicago’s “house music”, however techno has a stronger foundation in instruments and its beats are typically more complex than that of house music. By the mid-1990’s, techno has birthed into various subgenres, the most prevalent being trance, electronica, jungle, and gabba. Each variation of the sound is a fusion of other established melodies such as reggae or hip-hop and are typically played based on the audience of a specific environment. Embarking on a long journey and making its way through the depths of underground media to the peak of pop and hip-hop mainstream productions, techo established itself fully at the end of the 20th century. Notable artist that come out of this genre include: Carl Cox, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, and Green Velvet.