Techno originated in the mid 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. Using a computerized sound, techno is usually associated with dance music in clubs. In this era, technology was growing and advancing quickly and musicians realized that it could complete the task of many artists and musicians without the trouble of actual having them around. As a revolutionary genre, it’s roots stem from African American genres like folk music, gospel, blues, and rock which all come together uniquely to form techno.


  • Four of the floor: essence of techno, a beat that has a steady four count, defines dance/club music
  • Break beats: involves taking different parts or breaks from older records and reconstructing it into something new.
  • Digital Audio Workstations



  • Juan Atkins aka the “Godfather of Techno Soul”
  • He(the initiator) and Derrick May (the innovator) and Kevin Saunderson (the elevator) made up. 
  • Their nicknames describe their roles as influencers as well as the evolution of techno music.
  • Each made a separate contribution to the creation of electronic music.
  • Starting out as jus highs school friends, they created electronic music tracks in their basements.
  • All three of them were born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. 

Commodifications mixed with a social implication/ conclusion: 

Techno music would eventually turn into dubstep, downtempo, breakbeat, electro, and EDM or electronic dance music. It has been very popular in scenes like dance festivals and nightclubs. EDM is probably one of the most popular and is seen heavily in my generation, specifically in white people. Personally, EDM is not my type of music and extremely annoying. However, these are my feelings toward many “white-washed” music genres.

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