Origin- in the 80s the advancement of technology birthed this
Electronic dance music. It was born in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. The Bellville Three; Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson, 3 African American high school students gave birth to the sound of techno by combining their favorite
musical elements.

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Characteristics- Techno was derived from funk, blues, rock, electric jazz, synthesizers, specifically disco. The different types of this music style are acid, ambient, industrial, and Detroit techno. Similarly to disco, techno has the ‘four on the floor” rhythmic best. Techno is complied of computerized
music/ digital audio workstations and break beats.

Social implications- Techno became popular as club music around the world and became more than just a genre but also a culture. Although techno had been seen as prevalent in the white community.

Influences of future genres- This genre influenced dubstep, electro, breakbeat, and down tempo and most notably EDM

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