Techno music is electronic dance music that originate in Detroit, Michigan during the mid 1980’s. Techno music was influenced by many African Americans genres such as, funk. 


Techno music is usually very repetitive instrumentals produced by DJ’s. Techno get it name from the word technology because of the amount of technology used to create it. It also has a sort of electrifying melody that really make it’s listeners want to move. Techno artist used instruments like synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers. Just like it name, it was essentially technology because it was made from technology. There also many type of techno music such as:

  • Acid Techno 
  • Detroit Techno 
  •  Industrial Techno 
  •  Ambient Techno 

Important Artist

Some important and very significant people and groups of the techno genre include the group “Kraftwerk” and to many are considered the innovators of techno music. 


Techno music was influenced by many African American music styles such as jazz, electro and funk. The group Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, who is also known as “The Father of Disco”. 


Techno music is a form of music that sounds just like its name, in a sense. It is made from technology and to many its style is form of technology spirituality. 

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