Spirituality Meets Song: An Analysis of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme

John Coltrane’s 1965 album A Love Supreme is amongst his best-selling and highest acclaimed. The album exceeded the saxophonist’s usual album sales sixfold & stood the test of time in a cultural sense with fans such as Barack Obama admiring the work fifty years after its release. It is a highly personal album as it […]

Pursuance: An Element of ‘A Love Supreme’

John Coltrane and ‘A Love Supreme’ Analysis By: Demi Browder John Coltrane & His Journey John Coltrane was an American Jazz saxophonist and composer born in North Carolina. John Coltrane is known for making modern jazz popular around the world. He is also known for his masterpiece, A Love Supreme. In, A Love Supreme, John […]

Elements of Jazz in Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”

“A LOVE SUPREME” IS MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF JAZZ The performance of “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane told a story in 1965. The music started off on a slow pace and became more upbeat as time progressed. There were elements of cool jazz when the music was at a slower tempo (Part I- […]