Spelman Glee Club Reflection by Kennedy Olguin: Performance on Music and Spoken Word

The Spelman College Glee Club had the opportunity to perform alongside that of Morehouse glee club on Music and the Spoken Word located in Utah. The glee clubs were able to sing a few negro spirituals and gospel songs with the Tabernacle choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. I enjoyed the performance specifically the songs sung acapella. To be in a space in which hymns and spirituals can be sung and expressed while further being embraced by the Tabernacle choir, shows growth and excellence as a culture and people. I was glad that both glee clubs were able to share and give a well rounded and cultural experience. I was able to appreciate the adjustment that the church was able to make for one of the songs. I noticed that one of the songs included more of a jazz-like instrumental background. To say that both glee clubs were not as big as the main choir, their volume and how loud they were was absolutely amazing! I feel that all the energy brought into the space was wonderful and exuded!

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