Review of Folk Music Article

The Folk Music Article that I read was Folk: The Beginning by Alexis Moreland. In truth, this was not the best article that I have read. The article does not provide much information about the origin and influences of folk music save for referencing the vague origins of the genre. The article does not discuss the specific countries in Africa where folk music originated.

The article does mention various elements of the genre including patting juba and call-response which was informative to someone like myself who does not know much about folk music. Additionally, the article mentions several instruments used in folk music and it features two videos to show examples of patting juba and traditional folk music.  The article briefly touches on the social implications of folk music as well as the unjust commodification of folk music but I believe that the author could have gone more in depth on both of these subjects.  

In sum, this article gives a brief overview on folk music but I believe that the most value that I took from the article were the definitions and examples of different elements that are unique to folk music.

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