Review of Article on Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price

Ciara Terry 9/5/2019

In the article it expounds on how black woman have utilized their voice in terms of social change and justice, and how the amplification of black women’s voice has transcended over time. But the article was very insightful and gave me another perspective of how black women’s role in music has always been overlooked. Revisionist history taken place on the black women in music, further shows how powerful the patriarchy is and how black woman are further disadvantaged. For example Marian Anderson, famous singer was one of the first black women singers to be invited to the White House to sing, but her first act of activism was her refusal to sing at a segregated audience in 1939. Her refusal of performing to a segregated audience was something absurd to her, and led to her later singing for First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to perform at the Lincoln Memorial. Her position on segregation and her powerful act is often ignored and overlooked, but we praise other men for their positions on social justice through music. I believe that the authors purpose of the article was to be a critical thinker of music, and to always look beyond the surface in terms of impact.


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