Reflection on Spelhouse Performance at the Mormon Tabernacle by Clare Harvey

My reflection on Spelhouse’s Glee clubs’ performance at the Mormon Tabernacle, especially in the context of renowned musical groups like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and historically Black colleges like Morehouse and Spelman.

Collaborative performances between different musical groups, particularly those representing diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, can be powerful and enriching experiences for both performers and audiences. Collaborations between the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Glee Clubs from Morehouse and Spelman provide an opportunity for cultural exchange. Music has the unique ability to transcend cultural boundaries and connect people from different backgrounds. These collaborations can be educational for the performers involved. It allows students from Morehouse and Spelman to engage with a different musical tradition, style, and audience. Similarly, members of the Tabernacle Choir can learn from the unique perspectives and talents of the Glee Clubs. Music has the power to bring people together and foster a sense of unity. Collaborative performances can create a shared space where individuals from different backgrounds come together to create something beautiful. Such collaborations can serve as a celebration of diversity within the world of music. It highlights the richness of different musical traditions and styles, showcasing the beauty that emerges when these traditions come together. Collaborative performances often extend beyond the stage, fostering connections and relationships among performers and audiences. It can contribute to a sense of community and mutual understanding.

Overall, I found the performance of the Spelhouse Glee Clubs at the Morman tabernacle to be extremely beautiful as I could hear the soul in the choirs voices and the passion behind what they were doing. These performances serve as ways to connect the Black community to different communities such as the Mormans and others across the world.

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