Origin- Also called the ‘Coon Song’, 1896-early 20s created in Mississippi & Missouri.

Ragtime is a primarily piano style son, directly influenced jazz, originated from work songs that had added embellishments. Ragtime is “it is a syncopated melody played against a strict rhythm accompaniment.”


The piano technique consists of each hand doing something different on the piano. Very popular for dancing

Cake Walks- black would dress up in their finest clothing to dance around and imitate their white masters, the couple that danced the ‘best’ won a cake. This genre was also called coon songs, or speaker checkers derogatorily towards blacks.

Social Implications & Commodification- Became popular in the roaring 20s and media platforms are growing, this new presence helped expand the popularity of the music. Race records were being released. Black men were a threat to the white men so to oppress and surprises them, during shows black men would have to dress up as the clown to perform on the same stage as the whites. Rapid popularity helped with national distribution of sheet music. Blacks were going on tour to perform this


Scott Joplin/ The King of Ragtime- a composer and pianist. He published the most successful : “The Maple Leaf Rag” he composed hundreds of short pieces. During his time her wrote 44 ragtime pieces.

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