Ragtime: Music and Fun

Ragtime is a musical style that incorporates vocal and instrumental ragtime, coon songs, and cakewalks. All together ragtime creates a performance with music, dancing, and excitement. Ragtime was first developed in the 19th century in St. Louis, Missouri and is derived from its predecessor the music style jazz. This musical style still uses traditional folk instruments like the banjo to produce its music. The piano is also incorporated in this style of music. Most people recognize ragtime music from old silent films, however, none of that would have been possible without Scott Joplin.

Scott Joplin, a pianist and composer, is known as the King of Ragtime. Scott Joplin wrote many ragtime songs, but he was most famous for the one that everybody has heard or knows of “Maple Leaf Rag”. 

Without Scott Joplin, I believe ragtime music would cease to exist. Scot Joplin did not just influence a small genre with his music, but he influenced movies as well. Silent films would not have been as exciting nor popular as they were if he did not contribute to ragtime music. The music itself that he produced gave off fun filled vibes that gets people excited. 

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