Peace Out!

Well, its near to the official end of the semester. Every day of the semester proved to me that I made a good decision enrolling in the class. The class emphasized the musical talents that the black community has contributed to American culture. I learned some things about African-American music that I would have never known. For example, I did not know that rock and roll is the white people’s R&B; I did not realize the extent to which black culture was stolen. This taught me a great deal about the many I would like to thank you, Doc for the jokes and the lessons. This class taught me a lot about African-American music and I am extremely grateful and appreciative to be in a space of a constant exchange of ideas. I would recommend this class to others because of its informative but also laid-back attitude. I am very eager to take the things I learned in this class into my future.

Have a great summer!

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