Noire Stages of Love

When I first heard about the concert Noire, I was immediately in awe of the title and what it meant to me. Noire celebrates and acknowledges the what it means to be black. Being that this was a class examining African American music, I thought this would be the perfect concert to analyse and debrief on. The concert focused on contemporary music and its relations to love and blackness. Having college students pay tribute and acknowledge the history music was the first observation IN made during the concert. Hearing songs from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, it was apparent how rich the culture of Black music is and how it is passed down. While it is possible to know of these songs from simple youtube searches on our own, it is more than likely that the performers were exposed and introduced to this music in the confinement of their own four walls. From parents, grandparents, older siblings, and even close mentors and teachers. They might not have been aware of how important it is to still enjoy older songs from different genres but I became aware of this as i realized how even though our music today is different, we still relate, connect, and speak the same musical language of love throughout the years. While not all of the songs were exclusive to Black artists, I found it essential to incorporate other artists from different races that contribute to the genres Blacks have established. One of the artists being Sam Smith. While Sam Smith is a white artists, his pitch, tone, and harmony are still enough to make us feel some of the same feelings we have listening to our own artists. I also think it is interesting to see how music evolved from old r&b and soul to current r&b songs that more likely than often fall into the category of being Pop love songs.



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