Nia Jackson: An Introduction

My name is Nia Jackson and I am sophomore Psychology pre-law major from Little Rock, Arkansas. I am a lover of music. I generally listen to all genres except Screamo and Country. My family is comprised of avid music lovers as well so I have been exposed to many different artists across several genres. Currently, my favorite artists are The Spinners, Robert Glasper, H.E.R., and DVSN.

I also love to participate in musical theater, dance, and pottery. My hobbies are quite diverse. I enjoy writing: academically, creatively, etc. I have a blog on which I discuss various topics from fashion, vacations, Spelman, etc. I rarely write on my blog because I get writers block quite often. I write in journals more than I publish. I am also a current Morehouse College Cheerleader. My love for cheerleading began in fourth grade and has carried me all the way through college.

My extracurricular interests make up a large part of my Spelman experience, but my career interest is my first and most important reason for choosing Spelman College. I am interested in going to law school after I graduate, and I hope to combine my love for music and entertainment with my interest in law to become and Entertainment Lawyer. In addition to that, I’d like to pursue a career in domestic relations council for professional athletes. Although sports are not musical, it is a form of Entertainment Law, and falls under a similar umbrella. I think Spelman College is the perfect place to begin my journey as an attorney.

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