New Orleans Jazz



    New Orleans has a unique culture and history different from the rest of the United States. The colonial period is deeply ingrained in its character. The liberal outlook of New Orleans was characterized by a love of food, music, and dancing. There were frequent festivals in the city. In addition to European influences, African roots enriched the colony’s culture. Ethnic diversity in New Orleans resulted in a rich mix of cultures. New Orleans is home to African dance and drumming traditions that formed the basis of jazz. Jazz is the musical and cultural preservation of African elements.



New Orleans Jazz was the first music style that included group jazz improvisation. This music style was developed at the start of the 20th century. Jazz not only took birth in New Orleans but also grew here. A variety of genres of jazz have evolved and refined in New Orleans over the years. In New Orleans, jazz music can be heard anytime in homes, cars, or businesses. Also, the bands are seen singing live jazz in clubs or bars. Jazz is continually evolving, always becoming something new and exciting, like New Orleans. Musicians in New Orleans played in riverboat bands and vaudeville and went on show tours to other cities, spreading jazz throughout the country.



 A New Orleans jazz front line features the cornet, clarinet, and trombone, engaging in polyphony with different levels of improvisation. The rhythm section is composed of piano, guitar, bass, and drums, which deliver syncopation. Harmonic progressions and rhythms are accentuated by guitars and pianos. Cymbals are used in stop-time breaks for crashes during choked accents on the upbeat. The jazz music style is also performed by brass bands which include wind instruments and separate bass drums. The swinging, stomping, syncopated beat of Orleans jazz music was created for dancing.



 There are many famous artists of the New Orleans Jazz style. In 1895, Buddy Bolden formed his first band based on jazz music. Jelly Roll Morton was among the earliest artists of the New Orleans Jazz Style. He wrote many famous pieces of jazz such as “Mr. Jelly Roll,” “Doctor Jazz,” and “Original Jelly Roll Blues.” Louis Armstrong was a famous composer and also played the trumpet. Along with Kid Ory and Johnny St. Cyr, he composed in the traditional jazz style.

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