Never Can Say Goodbye…

Dr. Johnson, and the rest of my 2:00 class, just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the lessons!

I’m not going to lie when I first came into the class I was confused as to what it would consist of, but what we did and learned changed everyday so I learned to embrace that confusion!! I began to look forward to coming to class and hearing the crazy things Dr. Johnson would say lol. But not only that, I looked forward to expanding my musical knowledge. I learned a bunch of technical terms this year, I would have never known otherwise. I also even expanded my playlists which I didn’t think could get anymore extensive. But more than that my appreciation for the music we as African Americans, create and touch truly grew. I listen to our music with a special bit of attention and affinity that I didn’t necessarily have before. So for that I’d like to give Dr. Johnson, and Brooke an extra special thanks!!

Have a great summer everybody!!

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