By Abiodun Scott​

Negro spirituals were based around the BIble and the tragedies of slavery. African Americans typically used to express their faith in God and instill hope in themselves and their future generations of a better future; a future where they are free and no longer have to struggle. Their inherent faith in the New Testament was their foundation, as they saw Jesus as an ally. He too was held in bondage and faced oppression, and through it all, he rose and was freed from his suffering. They knew that Jesus understood their plight and affirmed in song that they were loved by God and would also be freed.

In today’s world, negro spirtuals have taken on a new form: gospel music. While some gospel music does focus on the plight of the once enslaved, it is more common for it to praise the Lord and lift up his name in rejoice, for all that he is, all that he’s done, and everything he will do.