NBA Youngboy’s Impactful Rap Career By: D’Airra Wyatt

Artists History:

NBA Youngboy, American rapper and songwriter (born Kentrell Desean Gaulden on October 20, 1999) became well known in the Hip Hop industry. Youngboy a native of Baton Rouge, Lousiana had a difficult upbringing and sevral run-ins with the law during his early years. Depsite these challenges, he turned to music for comfort and started out by putting out mixtapes, where his honest and passionate lyrics won him praise. His distinct sound, which combines trap music with southern hip-hop, has solidified his place as one of the most important artists in the modern rap scene. But, his story is complicated by the fact that he also experienced legal issues, such as arrests and probation violations.

His First Rise to Fame:

Several important songs that became well-known and helped NBA Youngboy achieve mainstream success are responsible for his ascent to fame. The song “Outisde Today”, which was included on his 2018 mixtape “Until Death Call My Name Reloaded”, which is one of the key pieces that really helped him get noticed. Due to the songs memorale hook and catchy flow, this song became extremely popular and gained his first ever huge amount of radio stream and charting success. His other mixtapes including “38 Baby” and “Untouchable” have also contributed to his prominence in the rap industry.

Significant Key Points Within His Career:

  • His 2016 relase of “38 Baby” sparked much intrest and signaled a turning point in his career
  • NBA Youngboy signed with Atlantic Records in 2017 which was his first time ever being signed to a major record label. (He is no longer signed with Atlantic and is now an independent artist)
  • NBA Youngboys most notable projects today include “Until Death Call My Name Reloaded”, “AI Youngboy 2” and “Top”.
  • Since 2017, NBA Youngboy has consistently charted on Billboard 200
  • Over the years, NBA Youngboy has racked up billions of views on his projects on Youtube, making him one of the most streamed independent artist in history.

His Most Noteable Projects:

NBA Youngboy’s Most Charted Songs:

Juice WRLD- Bandit (Ft. NBA Youngboy). 871,549,457 streams thus far. 291,066 streams daily.

NBA Youngboy- Make No Sense. 360,179,955 streams thus far; 268,898 streams daily.
NBA Youngboy- Outside Today. 317,269,955 streams thus far; 122,434 streams daily.

His Latest Project:

NBA Youngboy’s most recent project is titled “Decided 2” which dropped November 10th, 2023. The album has a total of 18 songs with “Life N Glory”, “Better Than Ever Ft. Rod Wave”, “Now Who”, “My Body”, and “Deep Down” being the top songs off of the album. This album is still sitting in the Top 10’s currently.

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