My Top 5 Songs in the 2000s- Sydnei Young





  1. 2010- Fancy by Drake
    1. This song is about women who keep up with themselves and their looks. “Fancy” girls are independent and one of a kind.
  2. 2011- Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude by Drake
    1. This song is one of Drake’s greatest songs and is incredibly overrated.
  3. 2012- In the Morning by J. Cole ft. Drake
    1. This piano-laced song gives me a beautiful feeling along with the pleasing lyrics.
  4. 2013- Come Thru by Drake
    1. This tune is nostalgic for me, being that it has a witty beat. I love this song
  1. 2014- Recognize by Party Next Door ft. Drake
    1. This makes Party Next Door’s and Drake’s fifth collaboration on a song.


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