Motown! Motown!

Motown! Motown!

From the heart of Detroit, Motown Records was founded at the building Hitsville U.S.A. Motown is no stranger to anyone that knows anything about African American music as it was home to iconic groups such as the Jackson 5, the Temptations, and the Supremes. It helped launch the acts of icons Micheal Jackson and Diana Ross.

Started by the mogul Berry Gordy, Motown took black music to new heights and fought for black artists to be recognized in their achievements. He led black artists into dominating popular music making the white people having to pay attention to their music. 

Where is Motown Today?


Motown Records may seem like it peaked and ended in the 60s and 70s, but in fact it still plays a prominent position in music today. In the 21st century, Motown Records has partnered with Atlanta urban label, Quality Control Music that is home to artists such as City Girls and Lil Baby.

The heart of Motown still exists today. To give black artists the opportunity to showcase their music to the world. From the day the Temptations walked into the Hitsville USA house, to when Lil Baby signed his major record deal. Motown is for the betterment of the black music industry.

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