Mike Lavi’s new single “Let You Go”

Mike Lavi is a 23-year-old singer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His newest release, “Let You Go” is a fantastic blend of the old and the new with his Rap sounds laid over a background harmony of bee-bopping and doo-woping making the sound extremely new and unique. The thing you notice right off the bat is that the sound is unexpected.

This R&B music review found the sound fun and mellow, right for a relaxing night at home. It would be the right song for a slow dance or a slow-paced swing. “Let You Go” has a timely sound mixing something old and something new. It’s smooth and bouncy, finger popping and head bopping goodness. Even the older R & B lover will find something to appreciate in this song.

Lavi’s previous works have leaned heavily on the hip hop genre for its base sound. “Let You Go” looks back at the beginnings of Rap where the beat was often drawn from past sounds that were being reintroduced and given a new flavor. In rap there’s always room for more of that type of creativity and Lavi’s song hits the spot dead on.

You might not like the 50’s music, or you might not care for Rap, but this is a dynamic blend of the two genres that truly works. The harmonies are soft but bold enough to accent Lavi mellow rap. While he doesn’t stray too far from the phrase, “I can’t let you go”, the listener can feel the emotion in his voice and understands the unspoken words as everyone has had that painful feeling of loss heard so clearly in the depth of feeling portrayed in “Let You Go”.

For sure in “Let You Go”, Dear John, is not an option for this man’s lover and that is clearly stated, crooned, and pleaded.


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