Masego, he can do it all!


Micah Davis, “Masego”, was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in a Christian community in Newport News, Virginia. “Masego” means “blessed” in Tswana, the official language of Botswana. Masego is a 22 year-old multi-instrumentalist, as well as vocalist. He specializes in Saxophone, both tenor and alto, but also plays other instruments such as the cello, trumpet, drums, guitar, and piano. 

Meet Masego

Masego is not the traditional artist. With the many instruments he knows how to play, he is not fluent in the language of music. He can figure it out but he has made his own rule book. He knows what notes sound like and has his own symbols to represent them.


“I really just go with what my soul says. Theres not a lot of thinking in my music. I freestyle a lot of things and organize it later, and then it becomes a song. Or I just turn my piano on and put my hands on the keys and whatever happens, happens. It’s real soul-driven. Anytime I’ve tried to make this recipe for dopeness, it just doesn’t work.”

A Modern Day Influencer

Soundcloud – Masego works closely with people who are actively making music online. With younger producers these days, the internet serves as the best resource for connecting with other talent of individuals with the same interest. 

Mobile Application “Network”- Masego knows all too well what it felt like as an artist to be a low-key gem in Virginia. He has a lot of friends and knows of others who are underrated and deserve recognition and exposure. With the application “Network”, Masego strives to make it possible for low-key, amazing artist can share an environment and be in the public eye. 


“What I’ve been learning with music, at least at this stage, is that there’s not crazy money in it if you just do it the music way. If I just do shows, I’m not really [earning a lot] because I’m trying to bring my band with me. That is to say, I wanted to make something that was the foundation of my income and my lifestyle so that I could continue to do music for fun. I don’t want to create music or do a partnership because of the money. I don’t want to be money-influenced. A lot of my friends are [doing well], but music is not fun for them.”

Peace & Love

Social Responsibility – Masego believes in making someone change through music. He values this idea as something that should be consistent as a culture. This song was made by Masego right after Mike Brown. He combined small loops that he made each time something happened in the world. Lyrics came last. 

“I feel like it’s my responsibility to contribute to a good vibe rio the world and to do what I can, when I can.”

A Comedian

"Uncle Sego"
Who Is he?

“There are, like, four people in my life that I enjoy making fun of, but it’s in a flattering type of way because they’re cool and influential people. [One of them is] the ice cream man that’s worked at Dairy Queen for as long as I can remember. He’s who he is 100 percent of the time. He’s got that Uncle Sego voice and he’s always hollering at women. Uncle Sego is a character that exists in a lot of places and allows me to have more fun onstage.

“I think I structure my show around stand-up comedy, and we just sprinkle music into it. That’s just the easiest way for me to do what I do. Jamie Foxx was one of those people where I could see how you finessed the comedy and then hopped on the keys and then you’re making them laugh four seconds later. I felt most comfortable doing it like that.”

(The Band) 

TrapHouseJazz is made up of 100 people. Masego hosted auditions and for those that could get down with his Soundcloud beats were in the band. 

“So it’s two things after that. I can call you for gigs that make sense with you, and we just get these different combinations of instruments. I got a harp player, a stand-up bass, violin, violas. And then on top that, I have stems from everybody. So anytime I make a beat with their stems, it’s a TrapHouseJazz band song.”

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