Marian Anderson Article Review

Article Review: “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price and the Sound Of Sisterhood

Marian Anderson was a very influential African American singer. Had it not have been for this article, I would have never known about Marian Anderson and her impact on other black female artist. The article really emphasizes how one of Marian Anderson’s goals was to uplift other black women. For example, it talks about her association with Florence B. Price. Florence B. Price was another black female artist and Marian Anderson helped elevate Price’s composition in one of her most notable recitals. This was a monumental moment because it signifies community and camaraderie among black female artists. The article says that “…Marian Anderson’s story reveals a longstanding legacy of black women amplifying black women’s perspectives through the politics of concert performance.” This stood out to me because I think it was important that black women stories were being heard. The only people who could convey their struggles and perspectives were black women themselves. To know that Artist like Marian Anderson pushed for black women’s voices to be heard is very powerful.

Another thing that stood out in the article was how Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price crossed paths. They met each other in the 1930s and they both became deeply involved in a network of black women artists. It was interesting to know that they found refuge, exposure, and collaborative partners through this network of artists. I like how the article mentions how Anderson and Price’s musical relationship developed. It includes that Price went on to tailor 50 art songs and arrangements for Anderson, and she often closed her recitals with “My Souls Been Anchored in the Lord.” That song went on to become Anderson’s signature piece. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this article because it gave me a perspective on black female artists that I have yet to see.

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