Mariah The Scientist By: Sloan Louis

Who Is Mariah The Scientist?

Mariah Amani Buckles, professionally known as Mariah The Scientist is a R&B singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to taking part in the music industry, Mariah attended St. John’s University in New York on the pre-med track to become an anesthesiologist. Ultimately she decided to pursue music instead, but she still pays homage to her love of science through her stage presence. 





What are a few key points within her career?


Mariah debuted her first EP January 20th, 2018, titled, “To Die For.” This EP featured two singles, “The Wire” and “Brain.” Not long

 after in February of 2019,  Mariah signed with Tory Lanez label One Umbrella and RCA Records. Later that year on August 23rd,

 Mariah released her first full album titled “Master.” This ten-track album was inspired by the idea of love and was based on a

 few of the events she experienced while in a toxic relationship with her ex. In an interview following the release of the project

 she recounts her sentiments toward the project and its impact.  “The idea of love and who I was with—they’ve become my

 master of some sort,” she explained, “when I should have just been myself.” Mariah’s catchy hooks and relatable lyrics are the

 base of her popularity. Two of her other albums, “RY RY WORLD” and “To Be Eaten Alive” feature notable artists within the R&B

 and Hip Hop industry as well like Lil Baby, Young Thug, Vory, and 21 Savage.



Where is she now?


She is now signed to Epic Records, a label that is also home to other artists such as Future, DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, and others

. Her most recent album “To Be Eaten Alive” is based on the comparison between herself and her horoscope sign, a Scorpio.

 She briefly stated, “A scorpion, at first glance, it’s more meek… You don’t really know what it’s capable of,” she explains. “You

 don’t know what you’re gonna get… It can be poisonous and venomous; if you were to eat it, it would kill you. So to be eaten

 alive is really to kill.” Within this album she addresses misconceptions and rumors regarding her personal life and career.

 While showing fans and listeners her versatility through use of alternative elements. She plans to continue to grow as an artist

 while expanding the horizons of her craft and telling her story.




What is my personal opinion on Mariah The Scientist as an artist?


Mariah is one of my favorite artists overall. I love her versatility, passion, and relatability. Despite being overlooked at times, she

 continues to produce music that resonates with her while relating to and comforting her listeners. Although she is most

 known for R&B, I enjoy the varying technical elements that she includes within her music to differentiate it from the

 generalized scope of R&B. She often blends components of pop, blues, and electronic music, creating her own style. I

 appreciate her versatility and am excited to see what else is in store for her career as her talent is unmatched. As an

 emerging artist, she has not yet received any awards or nominations, but I know that her work ethic and growing fan base will

 earn her well deserved recognition.




     Mariah The Scientist’s Discography




         A few of Mariah The Scientist’s Notable Songs

Spread Thin (Featured on the EP "Buckles and Laboratories Presents: The Intermission", 2022)

2 You (Featured on the album "RY RY WORLD", 2021)

Beetlejuice (Featured on the album "Master", 2019)

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