Male/Female Encounters

By: Bria Harrell and Leah Adams

Song lyrics that describe the trials and tribulations of male-female encounters are common in funk.The urban working class inspired lyric content about male-female encounters. The Ohio players were influenced by the street culture of Dayton to create funk-ballads and up-beat tempo songs to represent hustlers and players. Players are people who had relationships with several “thick” women at the same time. The song “Jive Turkey,” shows the behavior of deceitful women. Songs such as “Fire,” “Flop,” “Honey,” “Sweet Sticky Thing,” and “Angel” by the Ohio Players exalt sexual pleasures of women. Funk lyrics reflect the diversity of African-American experiences and the changes in the inner-city communities throughout the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. Many funk musicians were known to use drugs, which was one of the main topics in their music.



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