Scott Joplin was born November 24, 1868 in New York City. Joplin, an American composer and pianist, was known as the King of Ragtime. Joplin performed all over Midwest in the 1880s but ended up living in Missouri. He studied at the George R. Smith College for Negroes with the hopes of becoming a concert pianist and classical composer. Joplin lived a great life as he was one of the most successful ragtime artist. 

 Scott Joplin's works include The Ballet and Two Operas, The School of Ragtime (1908) which was a manual and also numerous works for piano that comprises of Maple Leaf, The Entertainer, Elite Syncopations and the Peacherine, marches like Great Crush Collision, March Majestics, and waltzes like Harmony Club and the Benetha. In the latter half of the twentieth century, A Scott Joplin's works had gained recognition and appeared in the New York Public Library in 1971. He also won the Academy award for the motion picture in 1973, The Sting for its film score.

From my research I discovered that Scott Joplin was a very famous and popular Ragtime artist. He paved the way for many of the ones to come behind him. He not only had accomplishments with his music but he also had accomplishments in film as well. 

By: Anya Davis

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