Kind Of Blue

The album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis was amazing. I’ve never listened to jazz on my free time but that will definitely be changing after listening to this album. Kind of Blue made me feel joy and made me think less about my problems in both songs Freddie Freeloader and Flamenco Sketches which were my two favorites on this album. 

The first song on the album called So what was pretty good. My favorite part was Miles Davis solo on the trumpet half way in the song but I also really enjoyed the intro as well. The beginning of the song sounded like Evans starting off with the piano and Paul Chambers coming in on the bass. They both created a phenomenal intro that slowly added other musicians to the song like Jimmy Cobb on the drums, Davis on the trumpet and Coltrane & Adderley on the sax. I heard a constant beat and tempo in the background through the entire song including solos. Although, this wasn’t my favorite song, it was still amazing to listen to all these different instruments coming together to create something great. 

In the second song on the album called Freddie Freeloader, I thought it was still the previous song when it first started. The transition between both songs was great but I slowly started to hear a difference. A different pianist named Kelly came into play on this song and started it off with a solo. Then Davis did his solo (which was my favorite solo) that made me really want to listen to his message throughout his part. Coltrane, Cannonball, Adderley and Chambers all did solos on this song. It was amazing to hear everyone’s individuality all come together to created something uniformed and unique. Lastly, I think that the saxophone really brought some spunk to this song and changed the tempo just for a second before going back to piano, trumpet and drums towards the end.

The third song called Blue in Green changed my mood completely. It made me want to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant with live jazz. This song was slower than both previous songs and the pianist Evans did an amazing job intertwining with Davis on the trumpet. This song is very elegant and gives a sense of peace and confidence in my opinion.

The fourth song All Blues starts off with a faster beat and you can hear the contrast between both Davis on the trumpet and Coltrane on the sax. The song gives a mysterious tone on something sneaky or mischievous happening. The beat is constant for the most part and I hear and enjoy the drums in the background played by Cobb. This song was my least favorite out of all five, but I did still enjoy it overall. I caught myself getting a tad bit bored listening to it but the solos in between helped me get back engaged.

Last but not least, my favorite song on this album is called Flamenco Sketches. When I lived with my uncle, he listened to Jazz; specifically this song, all the time so while listening to this, it made me feel warm inside. I felt my family presence and this song brought me back to my childhood. This song is very similar to my other favorite song on this album Freddie Freeloader. Each musician gave a wonderful solo that demonstrated strong emotions in my opinion and it was the perfect icing on the cake for this album.

Overall, I added this album to my playlist. I think that each song is unique and can represent different emotions and sceneries. This album is real music and demonstrates power, freedom, and feelings in my opinion. – Nia Curry

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