Junior Recital: Halle Josey

The Junior Recital was performed on Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at 7pm in the Johnetta B. Cole Living and Learning Center II. The recital was in honor of Ms. Halle Josey. She is a junior, music major that attends Spelman College. This was a mezzo-soprano vocal performance with a piano accompaniment by Trey Clegg. The purpose of the concert was to show Ms. Josey’s partial fulfillment of the music department’s graduation requirements. Ms. Josey is classically trained by Ms. Pamela Dillard. For the performance, Ms. Josey performed four pieces from the classical music genre: “Voi che sapete” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Myrthen Lieder, Opus 25” by Robert Schumann, “Someone Else’s Story (from Chess)”- by B. Anderson and B. Ulvaeus and “Oh, Wasn’t dat a Wide Ribber” arranged by Harry T. Burleigh.

The first piece she performed was “Voi che sapete” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This piece came from Cherubino’s aria from Act II of Le Nozze di Figaro. The song she sang is about the struggle of young boy’s inner emotions. As far as her stage presence from the beginning to end of the performance you could tell that she was slightly nervous at the beginning. However, she loosened up towards the third piece. Ms. Josey had a very strong voice. However, at times she fell slightly flat on the parts where she was quickly moving back and forth between high and low-pitched notes.

The other three songs went by much smoother than the first one. All in all, it was a wonderful concert. Ms. Josey has a beautiful and powerful voice. I am excited to see where she will perform next.


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