Jubilee Quartets by Kamiya Watkins

By Kamiya Watkins

jubilee quartets





Golden Gate

The most famous Jubilee Quartet group. Original members consists of four men: a baritone, tenor, second tenor, and bass
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Blind Boys

The Blind Boys of Alabama

From the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind, where the original members met as children, all the way to The White House - where they've performed for three different presidents - the band's story is, in many ways, America's story, and that story is at the heart of their emotional new album, 'Almost Home.'
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Loudin's Jubilee Singers

Leader was Frederick Loudin and he became head over the Jubilee Singers after being solo. They sang internationally and it took them 6 years to complete it.
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Dixie Hummingbirds

The Dixie Hummingbirds are an influential American gospel music group, spanning more than 80 years from the jubilee quartet style of the 1920s, through the "hard gospel" quartet style of gospel's golden age in the 1940s and 1950s
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Fisk Jubilee

Fisk University Jubilee Quartet

University Jubilee Quartet that consisted of four men and five women. This group was formed to help fund Fisk University during their financial hardships.
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Tuskegee Institute Jubilee Quartet

The main purpose of the quartet was to perform jubilee spirituals during fund-raising campaigns. The quartet consisted of leader Robert H. Hamilton, Hiram H. Thweatt, John F. McLeMore, and Warren Logan. Quartets rose to prominence after the creation of arranged negro spirituals.
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Jubilee 4

The Jubilee Four

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Fairfield 4

The Fairfield FOur

Started under the direction of their church's assistant pastor. They started off as a quartet and then expanded their membership. FF sang in gospel music genre.
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