Jubilee Quartets

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Jubilee Quartets


Jubilee Quartets first began popping up the 1800’s. A Jubilee Quartet usually consist of four voices singing in 4 part harmony. Fisk University was established in 1866. The Fisk Jubilee Singers, which housed two quartets started touring in 1871. They were brought together in an attempt to fundraise for the school.


Call and response

Improvisation the creative activity of in the moment musical composition based of off emotion

Strophic a repetitive melody with different lyrics compose the song

important Performers


Jubilee Quartets began in churches so during that time there was little to no commodification. As times progressed and jubilee quartets became more well known, they started performing and recording their songs and commodification was more likely. Today, the Fisk University Singers are still touring as a way to fund raise for their school.  

Social Implications

Jubilee Quartets highlighted the negros transition from slave to entertainer while still exhibiting the lack of basic respect they received. Many people believed that due to the tours of the Fisk University singers that Jubilee Quartets would never move past just being a form of commodification for black schools.

My Opinion

  Jubilee Quartets were a crucial part in not only the evolution of African American Music, but all music. From the singing style to the composition of the group Jubilee Quartets showed black excellence at its best.  Jubilee Quartets promoted unity among black people in my opinion and showcase just how creative we can be. 

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