Jubilee Quartet

Who Are Jubilee Quartet Singers?

Jubilee Quartet Singers were Black groups of singers who performed renditions of syncopated harmonies and arrangements to folk music, spirituals, and any other type of Gospel music Black communities loved. An example of a famous Jubilee Quartet many may know is featured to the right; This group is known as the Birmingham Jubilee singers. To the right, they are singing their song, “Crying to the Lord”

Who are some of the best quartets?

Some of the best and best known quartets from this era of Gospel, which was the 20th century, are The Golden Gate Quartet, The Fisk Jubilee Singers, The Fairfield Four, Selah Jubilee Singers, and Norfolk Jubilee Singers. 

Who Were They Influenced By?

It can be said that jubilee Quartet Singers were influenced by the community around them. Before Gospel, there was folk music and Negro-Spirituals. Many of music in these genres were sang during everyday activities like religious events, picnics, parties, and dances. Knowing this, we can say that Jubilee Quartets were influenced by the folk and gospel family around them. They just adapted the instruments needed for folk or Gospel music and mobilized it using acapella tactics and harmony.

Does Their Legacy Continue?

The Jubilee Quartet Singers have influenced many Gospel groups or just guy groups in general. Name any guy group you know today, and you can accredit the Jubilee Singers as their influence. Gospel groups like the Jubilee Singers influenced the soul, funk, rhythm and blues, and pop groups we know today: from The Temptations, New Edition, and even Mindless Behavior. They were proof that there was magic in numbers, and Black mens’ voices mattered.

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