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Jazz music originated in the New Orleans, Louisiana during the early 20th century and began to spread throughout America. As musicians traveled around jazz was developed, and was deeply inspired by ragtime. Ragtime bands evolved into jazz music and they all had the syncopation of instruments. By the 1930s jazz was booming and the rhythm of black music came from Africa.


The Congo Square was a place in the 19th century where salves and many blacks and other cultures gathered for meetings and celebrations where they played music and danced. These celebrations played a major role in the development of jazz. Jazz expressed freedom, creativity, and democracy. In a democracy, everyone gets a vote, and in jazz, everybody also got a voice. Jazz music had many sub genres such as swing jazz. for this type of jazz a band is needed. Swing Jazz was uplifting, and often makes you want to get up and dance. Cool jazz is another type of jazz. This type of jazz is slow and calm and has a relaxed tempo. Bebop jazz is another type of jazz and usually has a fast tempo consists of many change of keys and improvisation.

Important Artist

Some very influential and  important artist of jazz music are Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Ornette King Coleman, and Charlie Parker also known as “Yard bird.” Down below is a video of 

Louis Armtstrong


Jazz is the music of today, the music of the future. Jazz music was very influential during the Harlem Renaissance and influenced many genre to follow such as R&B and Rock and Roll. 

Video of Louis Armstrong & Charlie Parker. 


All in all, jazz has many different types of genres such as bebop, swing, cool jazz, free jazz, fusion jazz and modal jazz. Jazz music has also influenced many other music genres such as Rock and Roll and R&B. Jazz has also had a major influence on the history of African Americans. 

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