Jazz Music in the 30’s and 40’s by Asha St. Louis

  • Jazz was started in New Orleans
  • Ragtime was the foundation of jazz Music
  • Most Jazz musicians during the ’30s and ’40s were self-taught
  • Jazz music is a combination of African Music, European music, Caribbean and French music because these were all the cultures in New Orleans at the time so they came together to create this genre
  • Jazz Music was looked at as a sin, and all the musicians that played it were shamed
  • Buddy Bolten was first New Orleans trumpet king
  • Louis Armstrong was called the  father of jazz music and he broadened the style of jazz, he was also mainly known for his trumpet skills
  • Coleman Hawkins established the saxophone as a jazz instrument because he was so inspired by Louis Armstrong
  • A white band claimed that they were the creators of the jazz music genre
  • Jazz music eventually started becoming known across the country when the Black southerners moved to Chicago and took the music genre with them, It also moved to the East Coast
  • Jazz started being known globally and became known in Paris, Berlin, Linenbrad, Barcelona, Shanghai
  • One of the first female artists was Jane Harvey 
  • Hollywood started using jazz bands within their productions and films
  • Religious people did not fully accept jazz because it was looked at as a sin
  • James B. Johnson developed “The Charleston”, and he was known for his abilities on piano

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