Jazz it up!

What is Jazz?

Jazz is a style of music that is not easily defined as it includes a blend of musical styles including blues, ragtime, brass, and marches. It emerged out of New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 1900s. The blend of styles included in the music is a reflection of the city’s diverse population. The term derives from a Creole word, meaning African dance and copulation.

Duke Ellington

Charlie Parker

Leading Artists In Jazz

Louis Armstrong is a notable artist as he constantly persevered to increase his knowledge of his musical background. All the while, he managed to bring about the positivity that allowed individuals to conquer issues such as poverty and racism. The idea of bringing about this positivity in just one form of music makes him a hero and inspired many more to come.

Miles Davis

Louis Armstrong


Jazz is characterized by blue and swing notes, call and response vocals, polyrhythms and improvisation (freedom of expression.) It is heavily influenced by ragtime (songs with a syncopated rhythm.)


Jazz music represents the honorable areas of character, perseverance, discipline, and innovation. Although, it is so diverse it can make individuals feel all types of emotions. I like Jazz as it can be used as a representation of independence and gives you courage to stand up and keep on fighting. Thus, I understand the reasoning behind it being called “America’s Classic.”

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