History of jazz

Jazz began in the southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. a metropolis with numerous distinct and varied cultures, including influences from European and the Caribbean. It is tepically performed by small groups using instruments such as the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and piano. It is distinguished by its improvisation, usage of blues and swing notes, and syncopation rhythms. Jazz was influenced heavily by African American musicality including ragtime and blues. Early Jazz had an imence influence to bebop and swing Jazz has changed over time and has influenced American society. 

Early Jazz artist

Some of the most earliest jazz artist included:

Buddy Bolden

Duke Ellington

Jelly Roll Morton

Louis Armstrong

Ethel Waters

Ma Rainey

Bessie Smith

Jazz Today: 

Jazz has contuned to be a vibrant and evolutionary genre for music today. contemporay jazz has incorporated a wide range of influences from rock to hip-hop. 

Facts about jazz:
  1. jazz is characterized by imprvisation of musicans creating melodies and rhytems on the spot
  2. jazz has played a signifacnt role into social and political change
  3. jazz is rooted from blues, spitruals and work songs
  4. there are many types of jazz: free jazz, bebop, swing, jazz fusion and many more

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