Janet Damita Jo Jackson: The Making of Miss Jackson (Outline)-Kori Barnes

Janet Jackson: The Making of Miss Jackson


Thesis Statement
“Because of her ability to carve out a space for the openly feminist, multidimensional popstar, Janet Jackson is the leading influence in sexual and politically driven music for modern day Pop and R&B artists”

Discussion of childhood background and growing up around her siblings (The Jackson 5)
Involvement in The Jackson 5
Casted in film (“Good Times”, “Different Strokes”)
Beginning in the music industry

Musical Career
Timeline of her music through her 20’s
Lyric/ Music Style
Description of vocals

Super Bowl incident
Impact after the controversy

Awards and Achievements
Grammys, Billboard, MTV Video Music
International awards and nominations

Influence and Influencers
Influenced by Lena Horne, Joni Mitchell Tina Turner, etc
She influenced Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc
Cross-racial impact



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