Ivorie Farley-Cook’s IME

Hello! I am Ivorie Farley-Cook and I’m glad to be in this class! I am a junior, Psychology major on a pre-Medicine track from Hoover, Alabama. Some of my hobbies include exploring new restaurants, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

My mindset towards music is that it is essential for me to have a peaceful life. Whether I am feeling happy or overwhelmed, music has a way of brightening up my day. It keeps me motivated and provides a positive outlook on life. I could not imagine living life without music!

During my childhood and adolescent years, I played the violin and piano. Although I am no longer taking classes to enhance those skills, I enjoy putting my knowledge to the test on the grand piano at my home. Learning how to play these instruments, especially at a young age, taught me discipline and showed me how positive results can be yielded when you never give up. These are principles that I still apply to my life today.

My hope is that this class will broaden my knowledge of the influence of African-American music on our world and deepen my appreciation for my people. Thank you!



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