Introducing The King Of Swing

Armstrong's Early Life :

Louis Armstrong played an influential role in the era of jazz and was known as the King of Swing. He was born in an enporverhsived neighborhood in New Orleans on August 4th in 1901 and later passed on July 6th 1971. As a young kid he participated in multiple activities relating to music such as riverboat, carpet and marching bands and his nickname was satchel mouth. Since jazz wasn’t as popular yet Armstrong sang in quartets. He also went to the Colored Waifs house as a juvenile delinquent and learned to play the cornet. Later on as he became a teenager he would listen to the Pioneer Jazz artists, specifically the popular corniest King Oliver. Amrstromg developed a love for music in his early and teen years and quickly acquired musical skills. In the Jazz era there were multiple artists who played a part, but based on Armstrong’s background and upbringing he was hands down the most influential artist in this era. 


Impact on Jazz:

In the 1920’s Armstrong had an impact on jazz by influencing the directions and path of jazz. He was also graced with the title of being the best jazz player of his time. In addition, Armstrong introduced the extended solo while playing with popular musical groups. Based on my research Armstrong had a different and unique sound that drastically changed the jazz community. His music was innovative and positive which influenced and paved the way for other music artists and groups. In simple terms he was overall a trailblazer in the Jazz era. Although he was so influential some people didn’t like his unique sound. He challenged the status quo of what the standard should sound like. Overall Louis Armstrong, pushed the limits, tried new things, and paved the way for other artists. 

Most Popular Songs:


Louis Armstrong was inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame in 2017. He also was the first African American musician to be nationally recognized for being a soloist. Jazz was known for being heavily based on improvisation and Armstrong changed this narrative to solo performance. Louis Armstrong was also awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, The National Medal of Arts, and Presidential Medal of Freedom. Lastly he was inducted into the Hollywood Hall of Fame and the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. 

All About Jazz:

The Jazz era was a very popular musical time in history. This era originated from New Orleans and the cultural elements included Congo Square, French, Africans, and Spanish. Jazz was built on the basis of improvisation which meant you had the ability to think of songs on the spot. Jazz was influential on the black community as it became a political outlet for African Americans. Some influential people in this time period include Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, and Ma Rainey. 


Jazz was an influential musical era and had a positive impact on the African American community. It included many trail blazers specifically Louis Armstrong. He  was the best musician during the Jazz time period and achieved many things during his career. 

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