Human Vs. AI

Human? AI?

Humans Vs. AI is a trending topic in today’s society. Is it true that AI is becoming the new human and that humans are becoming more and more useless to today’s community? AI are less likely to replace humans in many fields due to an array of different things. In my opinion technology and such things as AI is becoming more relevant sources in our community. Still, if I’m being honest, I don’t think AI bots will ever have the capabilities to do certain things as if they were human. Humans have the ability to show emotion and display artificial intelligence. Whereas such AI bots are only allowed to express what their creator allows them to (which doesn’t consist of genuine emotions). AI bots are also only allowed to think inside of a box. They are designed and designated to a position that only allows them to maintain focus and thought upon certain areas of the subject whereas humans are allowed to think outside of the box and touch on different topics to create different solutions. So, in my opinion, I don’t think AI bots will ever completely rule out the human species overall.

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