Hip Hop Concert – DaBaby

You Don't Like DaBaby! You Crazy!

DaBaby is a recently emerged artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. During Clark Atlanta University’s 2019 Homecoming, I attended their annual Hip Hop concert and had the opportunity to see him. Although multiple new emerging artists performed, I arrived only in time to see DaBaby perform. He performed a total of twelve songs including INTRO, OFF THE RIP, BOP, VIBEZ, TOES (feat. Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo), REALLY (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas), PROLLY, THERE HE GO, Walker Texas Ranger, Suge, Baby Sitter (feat. Offset), and Backend. I personally loved every one of his pieces as he performed with the exact same energy he has in his recorded music. Additionally, DaBaby made sure to be interactive with his fans, asking the crowd what songs they wanted to hear and constantly moving through the crowd. Although this sounds unrealistic considering the amount of people attending the crowd, he made sure that the last song he played was what the majority of the crowd wanted to head by basing approval off of the crowd’s reaction. My favorite song that he performed isOFF THE RIP. In OFF THE RIP, DaBaby’s flow begins almost as soon as the beat starts, enabling intense energy. I loved the concert and DaBaby’s performance and I believe his name will be important in Hip Hop history.

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