From the 1950s to the 1970s, there was a significant musical evolution. This artistic offering titled “Have You Heard?”, highlights some of the essential musicians, songs, and historical moments during this period.



Have you heard of Charlie Parker? 

The bebop starter 

His sound is sharper. 

He follows his flow. 

Have you heard his tune KOKO?

Yea, the one with Dizzy Gillespie

Their fast tempos and improvisation impressed thee.

Have you heard of Miles Davis?

His creation of modal jazz made him famous.

During the war, he relaxed the mood.

Slowed the tempos with The Birth of Cool. 

Jazz was never the same.

Have you heard of John Coltrane?

Embracing musical modes 

Miles played the trumpet.  

While John played the saxophone

Their sounds were new. 

Have you heard their tune Kind of Blue?

In the ’50s, jazz was cool.

It’s almost the 60’s 

 What if Jazz had no rules?

Then came civil rights. 

A movement led by Dr. King

Blacks fought for liberation, but only jazz became free.

This movement sparked a musical revolution

Have you heard of jazz fusion?

An electric sound 

Far from classical 

It made the whole city dance at the Harlem Cultural Festival.

A summer of soul in 1969

A concert where Black artists finally got to shine. 

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