Graceful Gospel

Gospel music is a 1 of the many genres we focused on throughout this semester. Gospel music is one of the easiest genres to recognize within the African American community. Gospel music can be traced back to the beginning of African American culture as it has a connection to Negro spirituals. Gospel music is way African Americans worship spiritually. Gospel music is a way people connect with and bring thanks to their spiritual lead.

Some key characteristics that distinguish gospel from other genres are as follows:

Performance set up being a choir, with a lead sorprano

Usually bass and percussion instruments such as the piano, organ, drums, tambourines.

Below I have named some of the most common and legendary artist within the gospel genre the section is titled the graces of gospel. They are basically like the leaders of gospel. 

From left to right [ Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Thomas A. Dorsey, and Mahalia Jackson]

The Graces of Gospel

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