Gospel Comparison and Contrast

A Comparison and Contrast of Two Gospel Songs

The Clark Sister’s song “He Keeps Me Company” was released in 1981. The song consists of a strong bass line, heavy drum line, and overall funky sound. Due to this song being released towards the end of the funk era, it is in a full blown state of funk, meaning very fast paced. 

Mary Mary’s song “What Is This?” was released in 2005. Due to the era in which this song was released, the most appropriate way to describe the sound of this song would be under the genre of R&B. The song is smooth in texture. There are various musical instruments that are incorporated into this song which aid in the progression of the song.


Both songs consist of instruments that implement a staccato element to the beat. Staccato is an intentional musical technique that creates a short stopping sound. This can be applied through instruments or through the vocalist(s).

In addition, both songs have elements of repetition in them, executed through lyrics. The artists start repeat the same lyrics to create an emphasis on the message being shared in the song. Repetition also helps with the building up of harmonic melodies that intensify the way in which the words are received.


The intention of the songs differ in that the music and lyrics in “He Keeps Me Company” are more upbeat and rejoicing. The tempo and the lyrics reflect the joys that Christians have by having Jesus as not only their god in which they worship, but having such an intimate access and relationship with him, that he is considered their friend. The intention in “What Is This?” is different in that  the music and lyrics synonymously create an awe and wonder affect, which highlights the Christian experience of being in wonder of their gods magnificent and unlimited good ways.

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