Gospel is to Christians as Blues is for sad times. Gospel music originates back to the early 17th century. It is a religious genre of music sung by believers of Christianity, and any of those who seek relief from hard times. This music is sacred in black culture, as it strengthens our connection to Christ.

Gospel began in the heart of the South, the land of soul and hope. Churches used this styling of music that contained spirituals, hymns, and call and response techniques, rich in texture and powerful melodies. It is typically sang in choirs, in as many parts desired.

Thomas Dorsey was known as the Father of Gospel, he was a jazz pianist and composer. He worked for the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago and created an infusion of genres combining blues elements with traditional gospel. This new style of gospel known as Gospel Blues is what we commonly listen to today.

Their is also contemporary gospel, which is commonly sung in a more Caucasian setting. This style of gospel includes more soft rock and pop elements.

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