Aint God Good?!..All the time!

Ain't God Good?! All the time!

Origin– gospel music’s is Christian music deeply rooted in African American history and culture stemming from negro spirituals. Gospel dates back to the early 17th century during slavery through the force of Christianity onto the slaves.

Characteristics– Gospel music is an influencer and has been influenced gospel possesses melodic lines, unique vocals, heavily syncopated rhythms, and instrumentation generally a piano organ guitar and drums. gospel has been influenced by spirituals, ragtime, blues, and jazz and has taken on different forms and sounds. There are different styles of gospel today: traditions which includes hymnals, contemporary gospel, praise and worship, and quartet. most gospel songs are created to be call and response.Gospel now influences hip hop r&B and pop. This genre of music has always been an advocate for social injustice

The father of gospel, Thomas A. Dorsey a prolific gospel composer formerly a blues and jazz singer who helped form. His style of gospel was initially rejected due to its similar style to secular music.

Kirk Franklin (1992-present) a contemporary/ urban gospel artist, among his many styles he has mixed hip hop and gospel components which has made him the best selling gospel artist of all time.


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