Go! Go! Disco

Go! Go! Disco

Disco is a form of nightlife dance music that came about in the 1970’s . Disco can be traced back to urban cities such as New York due to it vast population of Blacks, Latin Americans, and gays. Disco has been stated to be a product of counterculture in the 1960’s such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Hippie Movement, and anti-war movements. Disco was not always a popular .genre until it gained popularity due to the gay community. During the mid to late 1970s is when disco gained international popularity. By 1974, the disco genre had released major hits such as Donna Summers “Bad Girls” and “Kung Fu fighting by Carl Douglass. The way that genre is distinguished from other genres is it’s syncopated basslines, electric pianos, and electric guitars which is how it relates to funk.

Donna Summers

Carl Douglas

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