George Clinton: A Catalyst of Unity

Clinton Represents What It Means to be an Individual

For years, George Clinton has led by example in showing others how to feely be themselves with no concern of what others will think or say. In doing so, he became well-known for the rainbow hair and outlandish outfits, and was able to make a new, stylish trend out of it. Everyone in the 70’s began to wear whatever and express themselves in a form of clothing and dance (Soul Train for example). You could say he influenced the rapper 6ix9ine’s appearance before the rainbow hair resurfaced.

Clinton's Music Has Always Brought Communities Together with Ease and Style

Clinton’s music is frequently heard at family gatherings like cookouts and other events that need a concluding after party. Clintons music has always been perfect at setting the tone for celebration.

In the clip to the right, you can see some Omega Psi Phi men that pledged in the Morehouse College Bloody Psi chapter celebrate a wedding in their own way. They start of sing the Morehouse College hymn Dear Old Morehouse, and later proceed to dance to Clinton’s Atomic Dog (1983). 

Clinton’s music is also pretty popular in the skating rink scene. My personal favorite is Flashlight. Flashlight is notorious for getting people to hop up out of their seats and begin to dance with their friends. Still to this day, it is Clinton’s most sampled song. You can find various audio clips of this song used in over 60 songs that also developed into hits themselves. In 1994, it was sampled in Aaliyah’s Back & Forth (2.18). In recent years, it has been used in the opening and all throughout I’ll take Your Man by the City Girls. 

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