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My name is Gabrielle Williams and  I am a freshman from Macon, Georgia. I am an Early Childhood Education major. After graduating from Spelman College I plan to continue my education in a Masters Program to advance my career as an educator.


I am open to learn more about African American music. Every time I have heard about African American music it is limited to Hip-Hop. I am very curious and open to learn about African Americans in different genres of music


Although I don’t play any instruments I have been exposed to various genres of music. As a child I was always at high school band practices due to my older brother’s involvement. In my last few years of high school I took two chorus classes and also volunteered with the band after school. Since I have graduated high school I no longer participate in any music related activities but music is still a big part of my daily life.



A New Twist on Classical Music

Origin: Classical music originated in Europe and there are different divisions of classical music beginning in the 11th century stretching up until the 20th century.

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Stealing the Blues

The blues is a genre created in the Deep South and the Midwest. The blues was created by African Americans during slavery and post slavery.

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Earth Wind and Fire

In 2004 Earth, Wind, and Fire performed alongside the group Chicago at the Greek Theatre. Earth Wind and Fire is a funk group that was

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Jazzing Up Ragtime

Origin: Jazz music originated in New Orleans, Louisiana and it was inspired by the preceding genres ragtime and the blues. After the enforcement of Jim

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The Evolution of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop has its origins in the 1960s in New York within African American communities. In the beginning stages, Hip-Hop was mostly heard at parties or

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