Is it Funk or Funky?

What's being discussed?

Funk is a rhythmic and dance-oriented genre that is a combination of genres such as soul, jazz and R’n’B. The signature groove accents the downbeat with the heavy emphasis on the first beat of every measure and uses the 16th note time signature and syncopation on every bass line, drum pattern and guitar riffs.

Where did it come from?

The mid-1960’s stapled the genre of funk. This decade could be considered the melting pot of musical innovation. The terms funk and funky derived from jazz jargon where funk describes aggressive music driven syncopated bass lines and drumbeats while funky refers to odor, unpredictable style or attitude. Funk refers to the actual music which funky is the action of funk, unpredictable yet syncopated.

Funk in society!

Being a melting pot decade, funk combined black American elements of established genre. With the inclusions of soul, jazz and R’n’B, African American musical styles unified and increased its popularity across the nation.

Respect the King!

James Brown is one of the genre’s pioneers along with his band James Brown and the Famous Flames. Together they established the strong beat on the first note opposed to the traditional backbeat emphasis as done in R’n’B. Earning the title as King of Funk.