We Got the Funk!

Let's get FUNKy!


Funk music originated in the late 1960s as outgrowth of R&B music. Funk music was made by African Americans by combining different elements of different genres such as jazz, soul, and of course, R&B. 


Funk music  used instruments like the bass and electric guitar,  and keyboards.  Funk music  is another great genre created by African Americans that make you want to move and get up and dance. 

Funky Artist

Some key artist to acknowledge: 

  • Rick James 
  • James Brown 
  • Parliament Funkadelic 
  • CHIC  


Musicians used funk music as a way to express themselves during a  time  where blacks were greatly discriminated against, here in the U.S.  This was a time where songs like , “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” where made to  fight and give black hope during these tough times. 


Funk music  was genre that emerged in the late 1960s in black communities.  Funk music is dance music that used instruments like bass and electronic guitars and keyboards. 

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